Addicted to blue hooklets

Are you reading this article on your tablet or even on your cell phone? Think about how many Whats App messages you have already sent today! How many times have you checked facebook since this morning? You can’t tell me?! That’s exactly what I expected! If there are still people out there who don’t interact in such social networks, then congratulations to all of you! Certainly, your life is less complicated and less stressful, but unfortunately you’re not mainstream. Continue reading

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Pole dancing – more than just striptease?!

When hearing the word “pole dance”, people usually associate it with a very seductive way of someone taking off their clothes. But pole dancing has now become a worldwide sport. We conducted an interview with Bavarian’s Miss Pole Dance, Jessica Schweigert, owner and trainer of the pole dance studio “Polecircus”, to give those people who have an outdated view of pole dancing a different perspective on this upcoming sport. Continue reading

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The Ruethenfest

Have you ever heard of the „Ruethenfest“ in Landsberg? Probably not. As I’m from the town, I’d like to tell you a bit about this festival.





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Please fill in the gap! – The whole truth

You want to find out the whole truth about our eMAG 26 article “Please fill in the gap!”? Here you go: We’d like to share our very exciting interviews with you since there wasn’t enough space to publish them completely in our brand-new eMAG 26! Enjoy reading!

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A plea for authenticity or I expected more from Nashville’s Broadway on a Saturday night

There is a phrase that has become a staple in every cool kid’s vocabulary: “I hate Country music, but I love Johnny Cash.” Well, Johnny Cash considered himself nothing but a Country singer, so the cool kids like Country music, whether they admit it or not. I’m different – I love Country music. I’ve been a fan since I was a pre-teen, a time when what was played on Country radio, actually deserved to be called just that. Continue reading

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Fighting food waste – Foodsharing in Augsburg

I recently read an article in the Augsburger Allgemeine about food waste in Germany: nearly 2 tons of food were thrown away in 10 days at the Mensa of Uni Augsburg! And when I worked at a greengrocer’s in Augsburg, I was able to take a look “behind the scenes” of the food industry. So I saw with my own eyes how much food is actually wasted and how much everything in our capitalist society is based on making a profit. I was shocked when I looked into the garbage cans behind the shop, filled with food that – in my eyes – was still edible. But in other people’s eyes, this food had to be thrown away, because it didn’t look good enough to be put on display in a shop. I came to the conclusion that shopkeepers often don’t value the food they sell– for them, it’s only about making money.

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Brush up your languages

Quite a lot of the students at our university either study foreign languages or at some point choose to take a language course just for fun. There’s basically nothing you can’t learn: Russian, Japanese, Arabic. The list goes on and on. But once we start discovering new words, sounds and maybe even alphabets – how can we brush up our foreign languages? How can we keep them up to date?

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One night, two plays and a lot of humour – The AnglistenTheater about their upcoming performances

This semester’s AnglistenTheater production is going to be special. Instead of one play, there are going to be two, and instead of drama we’re going to see comedy! We conducted an interview with Rudolf Beck, coordinator of the AnglistenTheater, and some of the leads and staff, and we‘re pretty sure the plays are going to be great fun. But see for yourselves!

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