My personal highlight of the year: Christmas with my family!

Celebrating Christmas with my family is my favourite time of the year, especially because some traditions have never changed. Christmas starts for us on the evening of December 23 when we decorate the Christmas tree. That’s the first highlight for me; we always laugh about our tree because it’s never perfect. Somehow it’s always too wide or has two top branches or is weirdly very bent. But my mum always manages to decorate it beautifully. My dad and I often try to help her, but whenever we put a star or something similar on the tree, she puts it somewhere else. It has become a kind of a tradition for me to put things on the tree with my mum, even though she actually does it on her own.

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My recipe for getting into the right Christmas mood

Christmas – according to the text of a famous and popular song and a lot of people (me included) the most wonderful time of the year. How can we enjoy this period until Christmas Eve to the fullest and get into the right merry Christmas mood? Here are some ideas to (literally) sweeten your pre-Christmas period: Continue reading

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“The Country” – Interview with the actors

The AnglistenTheater, which has been performing English-language plays since the 1980s, will perform a play called ‘The Country’, by Martin Crimp, this term.

We interviewed the actors, and this is what we found out: Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Dinner – Yummy dishes and typical recipes

I’m sure everyone has heard about the typical Thanksgiving dinner in American families. There’s that image of a family sitting around a big table with a lot of food in front of them. Of course, there’s the obligatory Thanksgiving turkey with stuffing, glazed carrots, mashed potatoes, green-bean casserole, cranberry sauce and a pumpkin pie. The table might be decorated with colorful fallen leaves, small pumpkins in different colors and some flowers and candles that create a cozy, warm atmosphere. Continue reading

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Sugar lover’s world – The first cake exhibition in southern Bavaria

Sparkling eyes, delighted faces and glittering colors everywhere. No, it isn’t Christmas yet; it’s the first Cake Germany, a cake exhibition which took place in November near Stuttgart, a great pleasure for professionals and hobby handicraft enthusiasts.  Around 50 baking enthusiasts took part in six different categories to battle with hobby bakers or professionals. Continue reading

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Holiday in Iran

Visiting Iran was a beautiful and life-changing experience. Let me show you some of its splendors…

If you visit Tehran, don’t miss out on its famous market and the Tehran bazar mosque.
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Who’s the ‘alien’? – An intergalactic philosophy

Do you believe that amongst the gazillion galaxies in this universe there’s only one single planet that has forms of intelligent life on it? Honestly?

“Two possibilities exist: either we are alone or we are not, both are equally terrifying.”
Arthur C. Clarke

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Get happy in the world’s happiest country: Denmark!

Did you know that the Danes are the happiest people on earth, according to the UN World Happiness Report 2013? Wow! I was surprised when I read that Denmark with its rather cold climate and dark winters is ranked number one in the happiness list. Some other ranks that might be of interest are: Germany – 26, the UK – 22, the US – 17 and Australia – 10. How can it be that Danes are happier than anyone else in the whole wide world? Since I spent half a year in Aarhus, the second largest city of Denmark, I’d like to tell you from my own experience why I think that Danes are so happy… Continue reading

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