Poem: Social Media

Scroll through Facebook; check your emails.
“News” on InTouch, skim new chatter.
Like this status, though it fails.
Post new selfie, ’cause it matters.

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Vegan for Fit – A Self-Experiment and New Vegan Spots in Augsburg!

As a lover of pizza with prosciutto, milk and sweets, chocolate and cookies, I could never imagine or understand why people would decide to eat vegan. Giving up eating everything you love, including always asking about the ingredients in a restaurant or refusing cake when you‘re invited to a friend’s home, meant losing a piece of quality of life for me. Continue reading

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Restless thoughts

Thoughts are flying
Through the sky
Never settling
Like a restless fly

Can’t relax
Can’t calm down
Always busy
With a frown

Will it ever get better?
Will it ever change?
Doesn’t really matter
It’s just one thought in a range…


Author: Ramona Treffler

Picture: andeecollard/ flickr.com

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The Rugby World Cup, September 2015

One of the biggest sporting events in the world that no one here seems to know about is set to begin on 18th September in England. The twenty best teams in the world are making their way to England to find out who will win the Rugby World Cup. Everyone who’s followed the football World Cup will immediately be familiar with the mode of the tournament. The competition begins with a group stage during which five teams play against each other in four different pools. The winner and runner up of each pool advance to the knockout stage. Continue reading

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Lots of things to do
busy here and busy there
no time to take some air
no time for you

managing, organising, being active
spending time just on important things
cannot listen to the telephone as it rings
the whole day just being productive

Is this as life should be?
Is there no other reason why to live?
Is it the aim for others only your time to give?
No, it’s not. Everyone is free…


Author: Pia Heutling

Picture: Anna Gutermuth/flickr.com

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Feel the pain of being a woman!

There are a lot of things that women talk about which men don’t understand. Things like shoes, shampoos, makeup, periods and yes, of course, pregnancy. If you´re thinking of having a family, women always say things like: “If you knew how much pain it was, you wouldn´t even want to have one child.” It seems that men can’t imagine the pain, but here comes the news: It is possible! The idea is quite simple: Just pass a lot of electricity through a man’s body, so that the abdominal muscles cramp and you have the same pain as being pregnant. Several men have tried it, as you can see in this video:

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In the beginning there was silence.
No one spoke. No one sang.
Then a word broke forth and with beautiful violence
everything changed. All is born out of silence.

Quiet rooms, silent doors,
pausing curtains, ticking clocks.
Outside my window, the rain pours
down. The babbeling has stopped.

My eyes start to see, my ears begin to hear
oh miracle, I am still breathing, my heart is still beating
the awareness of existence brings all of my fear
to its knees. I have been invited into life.

This is where I meet life at its chore.
When I stop myself to not miss a thing.
To embrace, to observe every joy and every sore
within and around me. Welcome to existence.

I grow silent, my senses awaken
awareness opens her eyes, in joyful expectation
as I observe, suddenly I am taken
away. Let the journey begin.


Author: Joy Ocepek

Picture: Riley Kaminer/flickr.com

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Naked in public – a dubious hobby or healthy attitude to express your physical freedom?

The summer season has begun, and if you take a look outside, you will notice that people have already changed their dark coats and long trousers for colorful T-shirts and shorts. Well, some of them have; others prefer to take off all of their clothes, which is, if you wish, quite an understandable reaction to the expected temperatures of near 30 degrees in the upcoming weeks.

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