A plea for authenticity or I expected more from Nashville’s Broadway on a Saturday night

There is a phrase that has become a staple in every cool kid’s vocabulary: “I hate Country music, but I love Johnny Cash.” Well, Johnny Cash considered himself nothing but a Country singer, so the cool kids like Country music, whether they admit it or not. I’m different – I love Country music. I’ve been a fan since I was a pre-teen, a time when what was played on Country radio, actually deserved to be called just that. Continue reading

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Fighting food waste – Foodsharing in Augsburg

I recently read an article in the Augsburger Allgemeine about food waste in Germany: nearly 2 tons of food were thrown away in 10 days at the Mensa of Uni Augsburg! And when I worked at a greengrocer’s in Augsburg, I was able to take a look “behind the scenes” of the food industry. So I saw with my own eyes how much food is actually wasted and how much everything in our capitalist society is based on making a profit. I was shocked when I looked into the garbage cans behind the shop, filled with food that – in my eyes – was still edible. But in other people’s eyes, this food had to be thrown away, because it didn’t look good enough to be put on display in a shop. I came to the conclusion that shopkeepers often don’t value the food they sell– for them, it’s only about making money.

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Brush up your languages

Quite a lot of the students at our university either study foreign languages or at some point choose to take a language course just for fun. There’s basically nothing you can’t learn: Russian, Japanese, Arabic. The list goes on and on. But once we start discovering new words, sounds and maybe even alphabets – how can we brush up our foreign languages? How can we keep them up to date?

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One night, two plays and a lot of humour – The AnglistenTheater about their upcoming performances

This semester’s AnglistenTheater production is going to be special. Instead of one play, there are going to be two, and instead of drama we’re going to see comedy! We conducted an interview with Rudolf Beck, coordinator of the AnglistenTheater, and some of the leads and staff, and we‘re pretty sure the plays are going to be great fun. But see for yourselves!

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Join the International Day 2015!

When’s the last time you got the chance to explore more than thirty countries, their culture and typical dishes in just one day? The International Day on Wednesday, June 17th, offers the chance to do just that — all in one place. Continue reading

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Everyday Horror

Hitchcock’s famous shower scene and Oren Peli’s “Paranormal Activity” showed us that the greatest moments of horror are not caused by aliens or monsters, but happen in everyday life. And you don’t even need to go to the movies.

Last Sunday, I experienced one instance of everyday horror. I was sitting at the table with a cup of coffee – actually, it’s more like a large soup bowl that features a handle, pretending to be a coffee cup. It was just me, my sketchbook, the sun disgorging through my skylight into the room and an entire lake of black, chocolate-flavored hot coffee – wonderful. And then it happened.

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Give old clothes a new home!

Do you know the feeling when you open your wardrobe and see heaps of clothes, but still there’s nothing to wear?! My clothes are stuffed into a tiny dresser and it’s getting fuller and fuller. Every once in a while a feeling grows inside me and I feel the urge to sort things out. But what to do with such clothes? Everyone knows the traditional ways of getting rid of the old stuff: flea markets, clothing collections, thrift shops. But there are a lot more creative and exciting possibilities on the Internet, for example, kleiderkorb.de, a sort of online flea market where you can buy, swap or sell clothes, shoes, cosmetics and accessories. So how does all this work, and what are the benefits? Continue reading

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Wasting time constructively – Watching YouTube for science

YouTube has a really unfortunate reputation; many people seem to think that its only real use is for mindless entertainment. But in addition to channels that upload stolen music videos, funny short films and let’s plays, there are a surprisingly high number of educational ones. So I’d like to introduce you to some of my favourites from that list.

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