Modern technology : I wouldn’t go back, even if I could

It was a very subtle process. Without noticing, I started to manage my whole life with my mobile phone. It started in my teens when texting enabled me to contact my friends day and night, the built-in alarm clock woke me up in the morning and I was no longer able to remember my family’s and friends’ phone numbers, simply because I didn’t need to. Yes, now I rely on my smartphone when I have to find my way, when planning appointments, when I want entertainment, when I’m buying something, or, indeed, for almost anything else I need to do! Continue reading

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Wanna be my roomie?

Probably, like the vast majority of students, after moving out of your parents’ place, you decided to share flats, rather than living by yourself. If you were lucky, you soon settled in and found a new ‘family’. But then – oh no! – one of your flatmates moved out, leaving you no other choice but to look for a replacement. Now starts the most stressful time in a student’s life. No, we’re not talking about the dreaded exam period – but the exhausting search to find the perfect roommate. Continue reading

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My Erasmus Experience

Almost one year ago, I had to pack my most important belongings into the small boot of my parents’ car, before the 1,200 km drive from Northampton – a rather large British town – to Augsburg, where I was about to start my Erasmus year. Although I was really excited about moving abroad, I was really scared too. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to ‘survive’ the year. However, now I have returned home after my exams, and want to reflect back on the most important aspects related to my Erasmus year. Continue reading

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SUP – a way to escape everyday life

Stand Up Paddling is pretty much the most relaxing sport I know. It has a calming effect on me and helps me forget my troubles, other people and everyday life issues because I’m on my own, and I get to choose where I go. But still it’s a sport, it strengthens the lower part of your back and your arms, and it does get tiring after a while. So where did the sport come from and when did it first appear? Continue reading

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‘Missing People’ being found(ed) by amazing people

Missing People is a non-profit organisation in Sweden which consists of volunteers searching for people who have gone missing. The organisation helps the police in their work, but also continues searches for missing people once the official files have been closed, due to other priorities, and/or as time passes. On a number of occasions, Missing People has been more effective at finding missing people than the police. Continue reading

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100 % nature for 100% delicacy

Have you ever tried fresh coconut? Have you ever experienced its delicious exotic taste? In case you haven’t, I’ll tell you a secret. You don’t have to travel to the other side of the world and you don’t have to spend your money on a single (not so tasty) coconut from the nearby supermarket, either. It is much easier! Continue reading

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Two places worth seeing in China

Since I spent Winter Semester 2013/2014 in Jinan, China, in order to study Chinese, I took the opportunity to visit different parts of the country during the National Holiday week in October and over some free weekends. So I would like to introduce two popular places and share some of my impressions. Maybe you’re also interested in travelling to China in the near future? Here are some personal tips…

Continue reading

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Mama, just killed a man… The solution

Do you need a little help with our lovely quiz for the immortally challenged?

By the way, you can find the quiz on page 23 of eMAG 24 – ‘Bucket list’, or you can click on the picture on the left! Continue reading

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