Only a child’s play? Geocaching – the new type of treasure hunt

It was cold and muddy and on top of everything else it was pitch-black. For God’s sake, how had he been able to convince me to do something like that? My friend Johannes – who is fanatical about geocaching blinded me with his torch and said: “The cache must be right over there. C’mon, hurry up!”
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World Veggie Day: Five random facts about vegetarianism

October 1st is World Vegetarian Day. Time to brush up on your knowledge about vegetarianism! But why stick to the “boring” facts that everyone knows anyhow? Here are some pretty random but fun facts about vegetarians and vegetarianism. Enjoy! Continue reading

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Refugees welcome – volunteers in Augsburg wanted!

With thousands of refugees coming to Germany every day, there are lots of organizations everywhere to support them. You want to get involved but don’t exactly know what to do and how to help? Here are five of many options Augsburg organizations have to offer!

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Shame (on) your sandwich! – Being judged by what you eat

When you try to live on a balanced diet, there are always the same thoughts that’ll bother you: fruit and vegetables are good for you, but what about pesticides? Buy organic, but it’s so expensive. Don’t forget protein, but don’t support factory farming. Slaughtering is cruel anyway… as you see it’s hard to find a way to eat healthy and responsibly; and it becomes even harder when people start food shaming. Continue reading

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Ten things you should know about Athletic Bilbao

You may well know that FC Augsburg are playing Athletic Bilbao in the first group game in the Europa League on Thursday September 17th 2015, FCA’s first ever official match in Europe. Well, I‘ve been a Bilbao supporter for 25 years – as well as an FCA fan for over ten years – and would like to tell you a bit about this historic football club.

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The Treacherous Delight

A murderer! A murderer!
Oh how could I be a murderer?
Not yet fully grown, mere eight years old,
A murderer? Oh, do behold!

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Brunch in Augsburg – more than just croissants, ham and cheese

Did you ever wake up after a long night out at the weekend and wanted to eat everything you could possibly get? Then you should go out for brunch – the mix of breakfast and lunch. But you don’t know where to go? I’ll tell you about some good places that you should try. Continue reading

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Flirting with life

It’s calling me, my drug of choice
It’s all that’s left of my inner voice
“Live deeper, let your story unfold!”
So, I take my favorite dress, my very best shoes,
I see it before me, this path is the truth –
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