‘Missing People’ being found(ed) by amazing people

Missing People is a non-profit organisation in Sweden which consists of volunteers searching for people who have gone missing. The organisation helps the police in their work, but also continues searches for missing people once the official files have been closed, due to other priorities, and/or as time passes. On a number of occasions, Missing People has been more effective at finding missing people than the police. Continue reading

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100 % nature for 100% delicacy

Have you ever tried fresh coconut? Have you ever experienced its delicious exotic taste? In case you haven’t, I’ll tell you a secret. You don’t have to travel to the other side of the world and you don’t have to spend your money on a single (not so tasty) coconut from the nearby supermarket, either. It is much easier! Continue reading

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Two places worth seeing in China

Since I spent Winter Semester 2013/2014 in Jinan, China, in order to study Chinese, I took the opportunity to visit different parts of the country during the National Holiday week in October and over some free weekends. So I would like to introduce two popular places and share some of my impressions. Maybe you’re also interested in travelling to China in the near future? Here are some personal tips…

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Mama, just killed a man… The solution

Do you need a little help with our lovely quiz for the immortally challenged?

By the way, you can find the quiz on page 23 of eMAG 24 – ‘Bucket list’, or you can click on the picture on the left! Continue reading

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The most spectacular thing I’ve done in my life!

Remember way back at the start of this term when we asked you to send us a photo of the most spectacular thing you’ve done in your life?

Well, here are the winners and other entries of the eMAG 24 ‘Bucket list’ photo contest!

Make sure you check out the winners in print in our new issue eMAG 24 – ‘Bucket list’!

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Mission ‘Randomness’ part 2 – Random customer services

Hey, this is Agent 002 speaking once again. I told you last time that I had two masterplans in order to accomplish my mission. So far you’ve only been able to read about the results of Plan #1 (eMAG 24 – ‘Bucket list’: page 41), as the second one had to be kept secret. But now it’s time for Mission ‘Randomness’ Part 2. This time I wasn’t allowed to leave my house, so I took my laptop and looked for random customer service hotlines. It was a pretty tough job! But in the end I found some good ones, called them and asked them absolutely random questions. This is what happened: Continue reading

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eMAG 24 – ‘Bucket list’

The free English magazine eMAG will be available for all from July 2nd onwards. Together with the language center at the Augsburg University, students will release the 24th edition. This is the third eMAG in color, which will be distributed from July  2nd to 9th in front of the ‘Alte Cafete’ at a stand with plenty of cake, games and fun! You can pick up your free copy between 10 am to 3 pm. Only while stocks last!

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Watching the World Cup matches in public: fun or a nightmare?

The whole world is crazy about the World Cup at the moment. In Germany, public viewing is very popular and a total must for the matches of Jogi Löw’s team. But is it really cool or just annoying? Continue reading

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