The code of extreme running

Extreme running is, as you can imagine, running under extreme conditions. I’ve been thinking about the last few years and what I learned about this sport. My thoughts were influenced by the people I met at events and during my training. I tried to summarise some of my experiences in the following eight rules, which you should learn by heart if you don’t want to embarrass yourself.  Continue reading

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Five kinds of dog owners you’ll meet in the park

So many things change when you get a dog. From the inevitable rug of fur you can’t seem to get off your clothes, to the inevitable encounters with all kinds of dog owners. In the three years I’ve had my little rascal Django, it’s become easy to put them into categories. Here are five types of dog owners; let’s see if you are one of them… Continue reading

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How April 20 became world pot smoking day

Today is a big day for potheads all over the world: 420, pronounced “fourtwenty” is the unofficial holiday for marihuana lovers. Every year on April 20 at exactly 4:20 pm. smokers gather in public places to get high together. What started in the USA as a counterculture celebration is now known all over the world and practiced as organized protest in favor of cannabis legalization.  Continue reading

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Augsburg – a water city

You want to explore Augsburg from a new angle? The Water Rally will help you discover unknown details of our ancient city

The first spring-like days are upon us, and people are enjoying their coffee in the sun and the birds are twittering, encouraging us to spend our time outdoors. So why not invite your friends and family on an unlikely expedition in Augsburg, the famous water city?

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A closer look at China

In my last article ‘A Walk around China’ in our 27th print magazine, I took some snapshots of things that may surprise you on your very first visit in China. In this article, I will make focus my camera on this vast land a little more closely.

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Brace yourselves – summer is coming!

Going to the gym has become increasingly popular ever since Schwarzenegger made his first steps onto the world stage. Nowadays, going to the gym is more than just lifting weights. Several trends have been developing over the past few years, such as crossfit or walking and more alternatives to come. So if you are willing to work on your body, chances are there is a suitable solution for you. Read the five points below that will get you motivated!

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An ode to Maultaschen – it doesn’t get much easier than this!

You come home from work or uni, are tired and hungry and don’t want to spend an hour in the kitchen? The only thing you know how to make is a sandwich?

Don’t lose heart – here’s your solution!

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Why ice hockey should be much more popular in Germany

I wasn’t too thrilled when my dad told me that we would watch the ice hockey finals of the 2002 Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City. Back then, I was eleven years old and all about soccer, American football, and basketball. Ice hockey was the game my brother used to play on our local ponds, not something to watch on TV and get excited about. Then, the game started, and I was hooked. Canada won against the USA, and the game was everything I came to love about ice hockey: fast-paced, rough, and electrifying. After that, though, there wasn’t much hockey on TV anymore. Only the DEL (Deutsche Eishockey Liga) playoffs and that was pretty much it. And then the day came on which pay TV finally began to broadcast the NHL (National Hockey League), and my love affair with hockey continued and quickly blossomed into a lifelong marriage to this wonderful sport. But soon I wondered: why is ice hockey not much more popular in Germany?

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