Wanted: Erasmus tutors!

An interview with Emil and Daniel from Erasmus Student Network Augsburg about the University of Augsburg’s Erasmus tutoring programme.

Are you a student at Augsburg University? Do you want to meet people from other countries? Make new friends? Help fellow students and at the same time have lots of fun? If you have answered at least two of these questions affirmatively, it would be a good idea for you to participate in the university’s Erasmus tutor programme! Learn more in an interview with Emil and Daniel from Erasmus Student Network Augsburg. Continue reading

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Tired of your daily routine? Have a break … and travel!

This time: London
University life can be very stressful. But why not escape the daily routine for a few days and visit interesting cities?! London is a great destination for German students, but it’s far too expensive, I hear you say? No, London doesn’t have to be expensive, at all. I’ll show you some simple tricks to save money on your next “study” trip to London … Continue reading

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Never kiss Napoleon in a casino on Malta! (Part 2)

Did you enjoy the random facts about European countries in the print magazine? Here are some more fun facts that you probably didn’t know before. Continue reading

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Zombie shuffle

If this was Google earth, I’d be one of the pinpoint black dots around the triangular halo. I’m not moving, I’m waiting, trying to stand still, but staggering. The night is endless. And finally the rumbling engine approaches – after a little time that can’t have been longer than few minutes but felt like hours.  Continue reading

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Chinese New Year

Millions of Chinese families around the world will come together on February 19th to celebrate the most important festivity in the Chinese calendar: Chinese New Year (农历新年nónglì xīnnián), also known as Spring Festival (春节chūnjié). It’s celebrated in China as well as in countries with significant Chinese populations – like Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mauritius, Philippines and, of course, in Chinatowns in international cities! The celebrations traditionally run from the Eve of Chinese New Year, the last day of the last month of the Chinese calendar, until the Lantern Festival which is on the 15th day of the first month. This makes it the longest festivity in the Chinese calendar. Let me take you on a journey through the Chinese New Year Celebration. Continue reading

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Have you ever wondered why and when people started to set New Year’s resolutions? This article might be the answer you’ve been looking for

Every year we strive to be successful with the resolutions we set for the year ahead of us. Every time we struggle to keep up this tradition, but where did the idea of the New Year’s resolution originate? Continue reading

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Charity article about Wildwasser e.V.

Since we would have liked to but couldn’t put all of the questions we asked Ms Kämper from Wildwasser e.V. in the print magazine, here is part two of the interview: Continue reading

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My personal highlight of the year: Christmas with my family!

Celebrating Christmas with my family is my favourite time of the year, especially because some traditions have never changed. Christmas starts for us on the evening of December 23 when we decorate the Christmas tree. That’s the first highlight for me; we always laugh about our tree because it’s never perfect. Somehow it’s always too wide or has two top branches or is weirdly very bent. But my mum always manages to decorate it beautifully. My dad and I often try to help her, but whenever we put a star or something similar on the tree, she puts it somewhere else. It has become a kind of a tradition for me to put things on the tree with my mum, even though she actually does it on her own.

Continue reading

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