Are you Charlie?

Exhibition about the French satirical weekly magazine Charlie Hebdo opens on February 3rd in the university library. Continue reading

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Confessions of a secret mermaid

Mermaiding? What’s that?”

This is the answer Julia gets when she tells someone mermaiding is her hobby. “Mermaiding” is the practice of swimming with a mermaid tail costume; as I didn’t know anything about the sport, I decided to find out what it was all about. Continue reading

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Obsessed with beauty

Being beautiful and flawless is almost every womans aim these days. Who doesnt want to be gorgeous and desired? All TV commercials, ads in magazines or films and music videos display a perfect body, flawless hair and female sensuality which isnt always realistic or achievable. So doesn’t this force women to act under constraint all the time? Is being fixated on the human body or the outward appearance such a good thing? Yes, our obsession with beauty has serious consequences.

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How to escape the stress of adulthood by building a blanket fort

Everyone feels stressed out sometimes. It might be because you’re getting nowhere with your Christmas preparations, exams are coming up way too fast or adulthood in general is just too much to handle right now. That’s why I decided to relax by trying something I never did while growing up: build a blanket fort. Here’s how it worked out …

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An orgy known as New Year’s Eve

Just to make things clear to begin with: I love New Year’s Eve. I really do. Getting together with your friends, some of whom you haven’t seen the whole year, having a good time and getting completely shitfaced. What’s not to like? It’s basically the perfect holiday. Unlike Christmas you only have three days to do your holiday shopping, at least in Germany. So you don’t have to cope with New Year’s stress; not that that ever existed. Continue reading

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Ready to go crazy? The weirdest New Year’s Eve traditions

Germans like to celebrate New Year’s Eve with a sip of chilled sparkling wine, a rich fondue and the annual recurring appointment with the adorable Miss Sophie and her scatty butler James. However, apart from the widespread tradition of watching “Dinner for One”, we Germans don’t have any weird customs for the largest global celebration. But no worries – the rest of the world offers a wide range of strange traditions… Continue reading

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The night I stole Christmas

Oh Christmas! The happiest time of the year, when it’s all about joy, warm drinks, ugly sweaters and family. The cities look more magical and the Christmas markets give everyone the perfect excuse to leave the warmth of their homes to enjoy some of the sweet treats you only find once a year (Glühwein anyone?!); basically everything and everyone around you is into the Christmas spirit once December rolls around and I’m no exception. Continue reading

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Look at these friendly creatures from the Allgäu!

Every winter strange creatures parade through all the villages and towns in the Oberallgäu region. They’re called Klausen. Have you ever heard of them? If not, I’ll explain this ancient tradition to you…

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